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Two of my greatest passions in life are travel and photography. For me, there is nothing quite as exciting or liberating as jumping onto a train, plane, into a car, or even just onto the street with my camera.

It was while living in France that I become serious about making photography my life and I moved to Florence, Italy to study for a year.

For me photography is not just about shooting images. My love of travel is the inspiration for the photos I make. My curiosity for the world, its people and their way of lives, for its places and its diverse cultures is my driving force.

My free spirit means I could happily roam the world forever, with my camera bag slung over one shoulder shooting what I love; people, places and life.

Photography is an integral part of my life, it has opened many interesting and wonderful doors to so many new worlds and cultures, and most importantly it has connected me to people that I may never have connected with otherwise.

I strive to create beautiful and emotive images that engage people.

Millie’s images have been published in the following publications;

Qantas Link Spirit Magazine | Qantas Spirit of Australia Magazine | Delicious Magazine, Departures Magazine | Qantas; The Australian Way Magazine| Fleurieu Living Magazine Magazine

She has worked on assignment for;

Qantas Spirit of Australia Magazine | Qantas Link Spirit Magazine | Fleurieu Living Magazine | Adelaide Festival of Arts