Travel photography


Two of my greatest passions in life are travel and photography. For me, there is nothing quite as exciting or liberating as jumping onto a train, plane, into a car, or even just onto the street with my camera.

I  currently divide my life happily between two amazingly diverse and wonderful countries; France and Australia, and consider myself extremely privileged to be able to enjoy ‘the best of both worlds’.

My free spirit means I could happily roam the world forever, with my camera bag slung over one shoulder, and no fixed address to tie me down!

Photography is my passion and my great love,  I cannot imagine a life without my camera in tow. It motivates and inspires me to see, experience and capture as much of the world and of life as I can.

Here on my blog is where I love to share some of my images and experiences, as well as the places and the people whose path I cross.


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