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Earlier this year I spent 5 out of 7 nights a week hunkering down in front of the television to watch my niece cook her way into the top 5 of Masterchef Australia.

To say I was proud of her achievements would be understating it by a mile, so I was  thrilled to bits when she asked me to shoot some of the images for her recently launched website, Mimi Baines.

Thanks Mim for the fun and the yum factor,  (there was definitely as much eating behind the scenes as there was work)!

Grab your apron and hop on over to her site for her recipes and tips, there’s loads of love and passion sprinkled into each and every dish.


mimi baines,mimi,baines,food,cook,masterchef,australia,millie brown,photographer
© Millie Brown


mimi baines,food,masterchef,finalist,2016,cook,home,australia,millie brown,portrait photographer,
Brownies with salted butterscotch sauce – Image © Millie Brown


food,mimi baines,masterchef,australia,cook,home,finalist,millie brown,portrait photographer
Quinoa and coconut porridge with seasonal fruits – Image @ Millie Brown


frangipane,verjus,mimi baines,blog,cook,masterchef,australia,food,millie brown,photographer,
Grape and verjus frangipane Image © Millie Brown


‘One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well’ – Virginia Woolf

Millie xx

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