‘A Moment’ Finalist image in the National Photographic Portrait Prize 2017.

Currently Exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery, Canberra, Australia until June 18. (The exhibition will then be touring to various venues around Australia during 2017 / 2018).


Copyright Millie  brown National Photographic Portrait Prize 2017 finalist image.jpg


The children of East Arnhem land (like all Yolngu people from this area) have a special relationship with the sea, as they do with the land. Late one afternoon while walking close to the beach at Nyinyikay homeland, I came across some after-school shenanigans.  The energetic and fun-loving kids who live here were having the time of their life, swimming, jumping and fishing off the rocky shoreline, so I headed down to the water’s edge to join them.  Peter had swum into this rock pool when I asked him to look at me – there was no shyness, no awkwardness – and then he slipped back into all the fun.