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Summer days in Provence, France

millie brown,france,provence,aix en provence,architecture

The elegant place d’Alberta in Aix en Provence.

millie brown,france,provence,architecture,aix en provence,

 Keep up the good work guys!

Aix en Provence

millie brown,france,provence

 Les Baux de Provence. I never ever tire of lavender in any form.

millie brown,france,provence,le paradou,bistro du paradou,village

 The village of Paradou and it’s Bistro, Le Bistrot du Paradou, is a great place for lunch or dinner.

I first ate here before trip advisor existed or a tourist guide bothered mentioning it. A freezing cold January day spent here with enough red wine to keep us warm for a month and my first ever rabbit dish, all by an open fire.

millie brown,france,provence,door,blue door,

 Town of St Remy de Provence

millie brown,france,provence

Yet another one in my series on The Madonna, this time from the church in the village of Maussane Les Alpilles. Not only do I love the peacefulness and the light I find in churches, they also provide a great place to shelter from the Provençal heat.

millie brown,france,provence,le paradou,village,cycling

The dappled shade under the plane trees that line so many of the roads in Provence helps give the never ending numbers of cyclists in this area some relief from the heat of the provençal sun. These cyclists were pedaling their way through the village of Le Paradou.

millie brown,provence,france,abbey of senanque,lavender,

The magnificent 12th Century Abbaye Notre Dame de Sénanque (a Cistersian abbey where 8 monks are still living) set in fields of Lavendin and not far from the Village of Gordes. You can only enter the interior on a guided visit now and it’s well worth taking the time…… stay until 6pm for the Vepres, sublime.

millie brown,france,provence,abbey of senanque,lavender

millie brown,aix en provence,aix,provence,france

There are plenty of gorgeous shaded squares in Aix en Provence to while away the hottest hours of the day.

millie brown,provence,france, Maussane,les alpilles

The perfect place to play on a hot evening in the village fountain of Maussane les Alpilles.

millie brown,france,provence,maussane,village,cycling

 It seems everyone moves around on a bike in Provence.

millie brown,france, provence


millie brown,france,provence,bonnieux,village,cafe,café


I loved this gorgeous new café (just opened in May of this year) ‘La Maison de Bonlis’ in the village of Bonnieux.  As well as a great place to grab a coffee or drink it sells wonderful provençal homewares, olive oils, and other products.  However it was the photographic books that piqued my interest and in doing so I got to chat with the owner and discovered more about the  published photographers (all local to the area) Denis Brihat (who moved to Bonnieux in 1958 and was once a friend of the late photographer  Robert Doisneau), Sophie Gunther and Jean François Jung.


millie brown,france,provence

It’s impossible to drive past these fruit stalls set up on the sides of the Provençal country roads.

millie brown,france,provence,menerbes,market

 The market is coming to an end just as I arrive in Menerbes

millie brown,france,provence,food,pizza van,st remy,village

I love these Pizza and food trucks that appear all over the place in France, this one is in St Remy de Provence.

millie brown,france,provence,st remy,summer,

Beating the sweltering midday heat in Isle sur la Sorgue

millie brown,france,provence,nougat,food,menerbes,village

I tasted….I loved!

millie brown,france, provence,red chairs,

 Can I please?

millie brown,france,provence,melons,food

 I can taste the sweetness as I write! If you are in France during the melon season, you must try the Cavaillon melon they are some of the best you will find anywhere.

millie brown,france,provence,architecture,menerbes,village

The village of Menerbes and just one of its many stunning houses.

millie brown,france,provence,lavender

 Fields of it, glorious!


millie brown,france,provence,bonnieux,village,architecture

 Each time I am in Bonnieux I stop to photograph this building and its front courtyard…a favourite.

millie brown,france,provence,village,medieval,les baux,All images©MillieBrown

The mysterious medieval village of Les Baux, taken early in the morning before the summer crowds had arrived.

The hilltop villages, the architecture, the history, the cicadas, the food and wine, …..what is not to love in this part of the world!

Millie xx

21 Responses to Summer days in Provence, France

  1. Millie, your work is sublime! You have just transported me back to one of my favorite parts of France. I have been to nearly every place pictured here and my heart got a little tinge of joy and pain as we won’t be in Provence this year- we will be travelling to places not visited before on the whole. j’adore Provence the smells and colours and cuisine, produce everything about it you have captured so beautifully- I can almost taste the ratatouille and smell that lavender! Sigh…… and thanks lovely lady for sharing your images. xx Corrina Tough.

    • Hi Corrina, I am so happy I could transport you back for a moment to the places you love in Provence. How exciting to be discovering new parts of France this year, I can’t wait to hear about the discoveries…….Provence will always be there for next time!! Enjoy Corrina and safe travels xx

      • Had the neck x-rayed. All good. The thumb is still unwilling to open tight jars. The right hip and toosh are slowly getting better. And my ego, probably the slowest of all to heal, is quietly coming good too. Whether we have a reprise next year remains to be seen haha. But thank you for thinking of me. Snorkelling’s looking good!

        • …..goodness Marg, I bet you are not knocking yourself out to book the next ski holiday!!! In all my years of skiing I have never had to cope with an injury list quite like that one!!! Keep up the healing….looking forward to your next adventure xx

  2. Hi Millie, what a wonderful job you have done of capturing the heart of Provence. The lavender, the people, the food (love the pizza truck) such artistry, purely beautiful. Gai

  3. Wow Millie, as always such a stunning set of images. I loved them all but if I had to pick a favourite it would be your lavender fields. I wonder how many other readers of your blog never finish looking at all your posted images because they’ve run off to call their travel agent???
    Thanks for sharing, as always
    Steph xox

  4. Wow Steph I am so happy you are running off to the travel agent yourself :-)). Cant wait to hear about your French adventure. Thanks so much for taking the time to write, so kind of you. Take care and safe travels to you xx

    • Hi Lisa, so lovely of you to write amongst all your renovation work in Italy, which keeps me fascinated by the way:-).

      I’m so happy you liked the Provence post, such a gorgeous part of the world isn’t it.

      To answer your question, i have a pinterest page (you can access it via my blog through the pinterest button, top right corner) but at the moment the images from my blog are not pinable (they were but I changed my mind on that for the moment)., feel free to repin anything from pinterest however :-))
      Keep up your great work on renovating Italy…. ciao ciao love Millie x

      • hmmm didn’t know you could make them not pinnable, I think that’s wise seeing the way things are pinned and the way the images are then used. We have been having fun with the reno’s and are waiting on the doors and windows to be made so we can get them in before winter. So much happening here as always, I just love our life here in the mountains. We have more visitors here than we did living in Australia, do you find that?

        we are certainly a work in progress lol xxx
        ciao ciao lisa x

        • So glad the windows and doors are coming…for winter!!! I love your posts lisa…your love for your ‘new’ life shines through :-)) your energy and passion is inspiring. It must be fun having so many people pop in….I have less visitors here than when I was in Paris however I still get a few luckily.
          Enjoy the rest of the summer in the mountains Lisa, and the work in progress…xx

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