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I was actually lucky enough to meet Yvonne in Kununurra and see her beautiful work first hand. This meeting and my instant love for these beautifully carved nuts was the impetus for selling them here in my shop.

Yvonne Doondoognun Newry – Biography

‘I was born in Kununurra hospital and grew up on the Moowong Dawang area of Kununurra and went to the convent school there. I have lived all my life in Kununurra area. Later I lived in the Mirima Reserve areas as well as at Police Hole community near Keep River National Park which is the country for my father’s brother.  I stay at the community here most of the time now.

I first learned to carve boabs from watching my uncle. Mostly I like to carve bush animals.  I started painting in 2002 after watching the old people and knowing that if they pass away that the younger people can pass this knowledge on for our Aboriginal culture and language.  I would want my children and grandchildren to pass on the culture and knowledge and keep it alive’.

Yvonne belongs to a new generation of artists at Waringarri.  Her work is characterised by fresh bold shapes and colour.

Group Exhibitions

2013  “Third Space” Mundaring Arts Centre, Mundaring WA

2012   “Sharing Difference on Common Ground” The Cannery Arts Centre, Esperence

2012   “Sharing Difference on Common Ground” Bunbury Regional Art Galleries, Bunbury

2012   “Sharing Difference on Common Ground” Geraldton Regional Art gallery, Geraldton

2011   “Sharing Difference on Common Ground” Alcoa Mandurah Art Gallery, Mandurah

2009   “Sharing Difference on Common Ground” Holmes A Court Gallery Perth WA

2009   Celebrating Country: Kinship & Culture Seymour College Osmond SA

2008   “Dawang – Our Country Our Place Our Home” Mossensons Gallery Melbourne VIC

2008   “Earth Colours Recaptured!” Booker Lowe Gallery Houston Texas USA

2005   “Two Strong Women” Gecko Gallery Broome WA

2005   “Christmas Show” Gallery Philip Neville


Bush Animals and Traditional Country


Department of Industry and Resources Collection

Edith Cowan University Collection

Size – 16 cm long x 28 cm circumference

Please note price is not solely determined by the size but also by the intricacy of the design and work.


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